“MP’s fury over Austrian deal” screamed The Northern Echo front page headline last week, in reference to the call by Phil Wilson (MP for Sedgefield) for a review of Transport for London’s train order (Echo, Feb 1). This brought to mind the Hollywood Red Indian quote “white man speaks with forked tongue”.

In December 2018, The Northern Echo published an open letter calling for a People’s Vote to remain in the EU.

A reason cited was “that to remain within the EU would protect jobs in the North-East of England”.

The letter was signed by Phil Wilson along with other members of the North-East Labour Party group of MPs. Last week Phil Wilson expressed alarm that Transport for London had placed an order with Siemens which would lead to trains being built in Austria to the detriment of workers at Hitachi in Newton Aycliffe.

The Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, defended the decision because it complied with EU legislation. Has Phil Wilson, like Saint Paul, suffered a conversion on the road to Damascus?

Prime Minister, Harold Wilson said: “A week is a long time in politics.” The two diametrically opposed views represent an oxymoron encapsulating the nub of the EU debate.

Clearly, this paradox creates a conundrum “If the UK were to remain in the EU it will protect UK jobs, but by leaving the EU the UK will be able to protect jobs?” Since both views cannot be true, what is the answer Mr Wilson? Should we hold a séance?

Perhaps MPs can also solve the Irish border question by visiting Ireland to kiss the Blarney stone before joining the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow to search for the “EU crock of gold”?

Tim Brown, Ferryhill