IT is ironic that while some people are demonstrating against a relief road in Durham (Echo, Jan 17) we in Barnard Castle have been asking in vain for one for at least 50 years.

I note Head of Planning Mr Timmiss’ reasons for the road:

1. Reducing traffic in the town centre. One hundred and sixty lorries per day pass through our town centre.

2. Safety. These lorries regularly come to within inches of pedestrians, some with push chairs. Not to mention the damage done to our historic Butter Market.

3. Air quality. Again the 160 lorries belching out diesel fumes. Yet still no relief road, not even a ban on HGVs.

Just a little, Titanic deckchair style, painting of a few white lines. Obviously different criteria apply to Barny.

Will we really have to wait until someone gets killed, before we get taken notice of ?

Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle