THE NORTHERN ECHO recently reported on the effects the recent bus drivers’ strike has had on local business in Darlington (Echo, Jan 12).

If there are more strikes, how many small businesses will be affected to the point they go out of business?

What about the consequences for other people?

Many agency workers depend on buses to get to work. If they don’t work, they don’t get paid.

This raises the question over how many agency workers couldn’t get to work, leaving firms with no choice but finish them and obtain replacement agency workers?

The bus drivers’ strike may have already cost agency workers their job or prevented others obtaining agency work.

Without a job these agency workers will have no choice but apply for benefits, which due to Universal Credit, will have dire consequences for many.

As a member of the public I sympathise with the drivers’ demand for better pay. But as a former agency worker my support is with the bus users not the drivers. The drivers’ representatives need to make a deal as soon as possible.

CT Riley, Spennymoor