I REFER to Ron Hogg, the Police, Crime and Victim Commissioner once more asking for an inflation busting increase in the police precept (Echo, Jan 3).

On this occasion he appears to be blackmailing the public by stating unless he gets what he wants he will not be accountable for the crime committed on his patch.

I challenge Mr Hogg, through the media of this newspaper or any other media to fully detail what benefits we, the public have received by virtue of his role since taking office and to justify the large remuneration he receives.

I also believe if Mr Hogg and his entourage were immediately disbanded it would make no difference to our safety as I have faith on the ability of our regional police to carry out their roles without a Police Commissioner.

The last time Mr Hogg requested an increase in the precept I wrote in these columns my objections as to why the request should be declined.

Of course my overtures made no difference and the increase went ahead.

Currently in France, people are taking to the streets tired of having their lives crippled by taxation therefore as a start I suggest as taxpayers we reduce our rates payments by whatever percentage increase is given to Mr Hogg writing to the council beforehand of your intention and for you any increase is unaffordable.

Constantly being hit by price increases here, there and everywhere there must come a time when enough is enough.

Alan Thompson, Middleton in Teesdale