MY faith in human nature has been restored after two good Samaritans came to my aid in Morrisons car park in Bishop Auckland on Wednesday, November 28.

I had just put my shopping in the boot of the car when a young man pointed out that one of my rear tyres was completely flat.

Although he was preparing to leave, he said he would help.

Unfortunately, the tyre proved very difficult to remove and another, older, gentleman came to our aid and managed to complete the job with the aid of a hammer he happened to have in his boot.

The weather was wet and foggy and as I am 80 years old, I was, and am, so grateful for their help, particularly since the second man obviously had some breathing problems.

Neither man would accept anything for helping me and as I do not know their names I would just like to give them a big thank-you.

I now seem to have acquired the hammer and would like to return it to the gentleman who helped me.

He was driving an immaculate black Jaguar with the date letters 06.

Perhaps someone could contact me and let me know who he is (email echo@nne. if you can help).

Barbara Box, Spennymoor