TO D Metcalfe (HAS, Oct 25) I am the driver question. First of all I am sorry about the medical condition mentioned but it does not excuse bad driving.

The driver ignored several clear road signs. Firstly a large arrow on the road, indicating that drivers should turn right, two white lines across the road with “no entry’’ written there and a smaller, similar sign on a standing board.

The only reason she had to reverse was because a large van was coming onto site using the correct route around the car park. This meant that the lady had to go backwards.

Furthermore I did not get out of my car. I was already at the rear of it putting my golf gear away. I did not use expletives. It was she who was abusive. Had the lady not disobeyed the road signs, her lunch would have proceeded as planned. Nonetheless, in closing may I wish her all the best for her forthcoming operation and its total success.

S. Blythe, Darlington