PHILIP LATHAN (HAS, Oct 9) now introduces a new reason why more than 17 million UK voters made a mistake in voting to leave the EU.

According to Philip, the UK, in leaving the EU, might in years to come cause other member states to vote in the “wrong” government, leave the EU and World War Three would break out.

The UK cannot be held to ransom with reasoning like that.

Perhaps Philip should write to Michel Barnier outlining his concerns and suggest to avoid that situation the UK be allowed to remain a member of the EU without being ruled by them and not paying our £350m weekly contribution.

The UK of course wouldn’t have any say on new rules that the 27 might want to introduce on their countries and wouldn’t be taking any money out of the EU budget.

However we would still be at the table giving giving our advice on any EU member or former member, who might be going to cause conflict.

It would mean a trouble free Brexit without our European friends enjoying many meetings over a nice dinner.

Philip uses a new word to me – myopic. I had to refer to my dictionary. I discovered that over 17 million of the people who voted to leave are short sighted. Hence the reason I wear glasses.

Mike Taylor, Darlington