THE dust has settled after the Friends of Darlington Libraries took Darlington Borough Council to the High Court over the proposed closure of Crown Street.

So the Friends lost the battle, but how shameful for a council to be taken to court in the first place when the issue could have been thoughtfully resolved and money saved over the course of the last two years ago.

However, it is refreshing to see that the council has listened, notably because work is now being done on the plastering and decoration of the cornices in the library, where rain and snow has found its way through the cracks and crannies of the roof.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we saw further action on the roof itself otherwise all of the work inside will be in vain?

Better still, there are guys who started their business roots in Darlington: the high-level restoration and maintenance company of steeplejacks, Stone Technical Services, who have secured a longstanding contract with St Paul’s Cathedral.

They have expertise in the field of historic buildings – how prestigious for the council and our town if they could work together.

Christine Fishwick, Friend of Darlington Libraries