I HAVE just driven 1,500 miles back from Spain through France on their wonderful EU funded road system through their beautifully kept countryside. It was a great pleasure with not one problem.

Stopping off for the odd quality snack, 40 winks and refuel in their clean, well-stocked, garage and rest areas, arriving at the Channel Tunnel smiling.

On arriving on British soil my mood changed instantly, noticing how filthy our incapable road system is, more reminiscent of a badly laid cobbled street.

It took me seven hours at crawling speeds at some stages to get home.

I counted over 50 old truck and car tyres on the central reservation and on the verges.

I did not see one police patrol car or so called traffic officer (whatever they do they don’t pick tyres up?). Where did all of our so called EU money go?

We are turning into an overcrowded third world country fast.

John Cumberland, Rushyford