AFTER reading the two recent articles on the new premises planned for County Hall in Durham, I feel ashamed our councillors are letting this happen.

Durham is one of the greatest cities in the UK with a heritage to prove it.

I’m from outside of Durham but when asked in other counties where my place of abode is I always say Durham because I’m proud of it.

Regarding the traffic situation in the city the councillors and members will not give a jot as there will be allocated parking places for the few.

I’ve complained before about councillors and members not giving a damn about the local people.

They could have been making money on their green recycling initiative like Sweden and allowing paying green bin participants to recoup some of the product free with a voucher to have some compost back thus encouraging extra bins and extra revenue, even if it broke even.

I’ll probably get the same reply about a Labour run council but I’ve been a member of the party for 20 years. Why doesn’t someone wake up and smell the roses.

Terry Knox, Coxhoe