RE the plan to build 400 new houses behind High West Road in Crook. I wonder if any thought has been given as to how all these new residents might be absorbed in the town.

It is already almost impossible to get an appointment with a doctor within a month, the schools are struggling to find places for more and more children and the shopping facilities are poor at best. We have one supermarket and that is Lidl ( no more to say on that) and the majority of businesses in town are hairdressers and a surfeit of estate agents.

Are the people behind this scheme prepared to bring in more more schools and generally return our town into the thriving, busy place it used to be?

No, thought not,. As long as the money keeps coming into their coffers the existing residents can go further back in the queue for treatment, overstretched teachers will still strive to educate bigger and bigger classes and the people who will be buying these houses will struggle on paying huge mortgages for their “little houses made of ticky tacky”.

In the meantime the residents of the Low Mown Meadows estate are to have months of dirt , noise and the general upheaval of their lives by builders noise, traffic etc.

We really do deserve better than this, but no doubt we will be ignored in the interests of the great god money.

Mrs P Aspinall, Crook