FURTHER to Chris Lloyd’s article about the Brexit resignations headlined ‘Under fire’ (Echo, July 10), I’m not sure how many times PM Theresa May has been under fire and still manages to douse herself down and cling onto the reigns of power.

The reality of leaving the European Union with a close 52 per cent leave and 48 per cent remain was always going to be difficult to complete.

Whilst the Conservatives have always been divided on the EU, Labour are unsure on the issue, as most of their supporters are leavers.

The Lib Dems have always been pro the EU and would offer a vote on any EU deal. Unfortunately on this EU political poser there appears to be lots of opposition against compromises.

Maybe with such a divisive issue like leaving the EU, it is better to stick with the ‘Japanese Knotweed’ PM May than take a punt with the ‘flaky’ Labour leader Corbyn?

George Dunning, Ormesby.