CHRIS Moncrieff (Echo, July 5) says the projected third runaway at Heathrow Airport is “essential to the UK’s economic wellbeing” but he fails to provide one solid arguments in justification of this grandiose and extravagant claim.

In fact, it is highly doubtful if the project would impinge positively at any rate on our economy, in terms of which it is probably an expensive irrelevance.

What the project is designed to do is of course facilitate the convenience of people going on holiday abroad a valid consideration but hardly of sufficient moment to justify the destruction of a significant section of rural England and the infliction of massive nuisance and inconvenience on everyone living within a forty miles radius.

In fact, there’s already far too much air travel and it’s causing all sorts of environmental problems, including a massive contribution to global warming, from the effects of which we are all currently suffering.

From the controversial nature of his language e.g. “The bulldozers should be fired up”, derogatory references to “antis” (people who oppose the plan) and worse Chris Moncrieff would seem to be looking for an argument on the subject, so if he will come up with the detail we’ll take it from there.

Tony Kelly, Crook