I WOULD like to thank the Friends of Darlington Library for their hard work and commitment over such a long time in representing the overwhelming views of the people of Darlington who do not want to see the Crown Street library and its services transferred to the Dolphin Centre and other buildings.

I really do hope that the Friends’ judicial challenge is successful.

I would also like to thank The Northern Echo’s reporter Joanna Morris for her unswerving support to preserve this glorious heritage building as a library for this and future generations.

It is shocking that Darlington Borough Council has seen fit to use taxpayers’ money to fight a court case against the people of Darlington. The council’s stance has been demonstrated time after time to have very little support and is very wrong. This is be borne out by the online poll conducted by your newspaper this week which asked this question: “Who do you side with regarding the future of Darlington library?”.

Fifteen per cent stated that they supported the council but 85% voted that they supported the campaigners.

When, oh when, is Darlington Borough Council going to stop being so stubborn, start listening, change its stance and meet the Friends to come up with a workable solution which keeps the library and its services at Crown Street?

Alan Macnab, Darlington