FOLLOWING the sad news about Binns in Darlington, and M&S closures in Darlington and Stockton, I started to think about what other attractions there are and whether they too may now close.

Then I remembered the hours and hours spent collecting signatures in 2016 outside Darlington library, and talking to so many people.

I was surprised at how many people said they do not live here, but visit from surrounding towns like Aycliffe, Yarm, Richmond, Barney – to use our library. I suppose the chances are they then have some refreshment and maybe do some shopping.

They said they would not be using the library in the Dolphin Centre as they thought it would be no better than in their own small town.

So Darlington Council, it looks like your very own policy of closing, moving and shrinking the library will mean that even more people will not have a reason to visit Darlington.

Yvonne Richardson, Darlington