ONCE again, the Arriva bus service lets the public down.

On Monday, March 12, ‘er indoors was waiting to get the number seven service up to Durham which was scheduled to arrive outside 301 Barbers on North Road in Darlington just after 8.30am, and when it arrived, a few minutes earlier than it stated on the time table, she stuck out her hand and the driver shook his head and drove past leaving her stranded at the bus stop.

It appears that some Arriva bus drivers seem to pick and choose when they can be bothered to stop and pick up passengers, and it’s drivers like this bloke, that gives the company a bad name.

If ‘er indoors phoned the company to complain, she would probably receive a day ticket in the post as an apology, so I’ve told her not to bother. She would probably end up being stranded at another bus stop somewhere else, if she decided to use it.

Stick to the rail service, folks. At least the train pulls in to the station and allows you to board to get to your destination.

Christopher Wardell, Darlington