I VIEWED with great interest the BBC’s Question Time programme from Darlington on February 8.

One question relating to the reduction of money from Government that councils are having to overcome particularly caught my attention. I had to think that the Darlington Borough Council do not have this problem as it is able to conjure up a £200,000 parting gift to an employee who is already very well paid.

Unfortunately I was not in the audience to put the question to the panel to get their thoughts on the matter.

It would have been wonderful on national television to do so. The payment is, I’m sure, lawful but as in the uproar over MP’s expenses some years ago not exactly in keeping with the spirit of the law.

It would be interesting to know the amount of money the council has in reserve for a rainy day. Some will probably be used for the next employee at the top due to retire. I do not expect a reply from the council as I never seem to get one – remember the £3 ice cream tub?

Mike Taylor, Darlington