I READ with interest the NHS’s inability to recruit nurses.

Isn’t one of the problems the way young nurses are put through their training? You are not likely to recruit young people into work if there is no financial incentive.

At the moment nurses are required to have a university degree, a relatively new requirement, although I understand that most of the training is done on the job. This system leaves them with three years tuition fees to pay.

Times change, but if a modern system is to be used why not the apprenticeship model?

It is a win-win situation. The young people are recruited into a paid job and therefore when they reach the tax threshold the government has a little earner.

Come on its not rocket science, if you work you need to be paid.

Just to finish off on a related point, there does seem to be too many unnecessary university degree courses these days.

Alan Barrass, Shildon