SINCE his election as President of the United States, Donald Trump has conducted himself in a manner which falls short of the behaviour required for the position.

His controversial views on a number of issues have caused shock and do not help the reputation of his nation.

Indeed, it is my view that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un would be more reticent over his own threatening behaviour towards the US, if the US had a better president.

Mr Trump has now seen the mass demonstration in London, supporting the NHS. In the US, the Democrats want to bring in a health service which compares to our NHS; something which mr Trump has opposed.

Our health service is going through a difficult time right now thanks to the Conservative government. However an outsider such as Mr Trump is less likely to believe that what he saw was down to British government, and more likely to be because public healthcare doesn’t work.

This tells me that our government is running this country so badly that the aftermath of its actions is fooling leaders of other nations.

As for the electorate in this country, we most certainly deserve better than this.

Jeremy Whiting, Chester-le-Street