I SUPPORT Nick Clegg’s knighthood. Afterall, he did stabilize the Government during the financial crisis. He did make a mistake on tuition fees – in my opinion, students should not be charged, for further education. But all people and politicians make mistakes. It’s a fact of life.

My 2018 wishlist:

a) Redistribute the wealth of our nation. Premier League footballers and managers, banking directors are paid silly money. Could we have a maximum wage?

b) Abolish NHS parking charges and give the NHS nurses a wage to match their skills and dedication.

c) Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a Senate.

d) Leave the EU at the earliest opportunity.

e) Help our younger generation of workers in areas like the NorthEast by re-locating firms from the overheated south-east.

I wish every Hear All Sides readers A Happy New Year.

Ben Ord, Spennymoor

NICK CLEGG and the four Tory MPS who since 2010 have, with their austerity cuts, managed to fill the streets of England with hundreds of homeless people and brought misery to the sick and disabled have been rewarded with knighthoods.

Is it not time for a different system where the people who actually benefit society are rewarded with knighthoods rather than have them handed out on a jobs for the boys scenario.

Politicians giving fellow politicians honours should be stopped as it only allows them to milk the system.

Anyone can manage austerity.

It’s bringing jobs and prosperity that should be rewarded.

Dave Bowes, West Auckland

CAN someone please explain to me why Nick Clegg has been awarded a knighthood? A part from telling the students of our country a pack of lies, I cannot think what else he has done to deserve this honour.

Kenneth Lally, Wolsingham WHY do we continue with this ridiculous honours system?

I have no problem with recognising ordinary people who have gone the extra mile to help others, or who do a lot of unpaid charity work.

On the other hand, why give a medal to someone who has had a well paid job in local government or civil service for 40 years? Isn’t their salary and pension reward enough? “Services to Education” or “Services to Business” isn’t really grounds for a medal.

If it were, everyone in that profession should automatically receive one at a certain age.

Celebrity awards are even more ridiculous. Darcy Bussell for “Services to Dance”. Eamonn Holmes for “Services to Broadcasting”. Whatever next?

It should all be scrapped and the money saved could be better used elsewhere.

John Watson, Durham

NIGEL FARAGE deserves a top honour! It is disgraceful that the architect of Brexit has again been omitted from the honours list.

Instead, knighthoods have gone to Nick Clegg, who wants to override the will of the people, and to unknown Tory apparatchiks.

Without Nigel, we would have been the 28th state of the United States of Europe, while, at the same time, propping up 25 of them.

I have never been a member of Ukip but I recognise that Mr Farage has had more influence (for good) than anyone over the history of the UK since Churchill. And I haven’t forgotten Margaret Thatcher!

Theresa May claims to be leading us towards Brexit. She should honour the man who made it possible!

Steve Kay, Independent Redcar & Cleveland Councillor.