REGARDING figures showing hospital trusts in the region made £12.2m in parking charges in the last financial year.

My mother, who is 92-years-old so needs to go by car to hospital, has a blue badge but it’s no good to her as she has to pay for parking.

All disabled people who have a blue badge should be able to park free if they have to go to hospital.

Surely the authorities make enough from the people visiting to maintain the car park? It seems the sick and disabled are being targeted once again with people having to travel greater distances for treatment. They are being punished twice with fuel costs and parking charges.

Dave Bowes, West Auckland

I ABSOLUTELY agree with your editorial (Echo, Dec 28) about hospital car parking.

The biggest scandal is the creeping privatisation, with money made from sick people going to companies, rather than into NHS services.

A campaign?

The Echo has had some success with other campaigns.

Heaven knows, we need one now to protect our NHS.

H Johnson, Northallerton