WHEN discussing a number of regulations which could be abolished in the wake of Brexit, such as the Working Time Directive and health and safety, and food safety and environmental legislation, Martin Jones of Spennymoor (HAS, Dec 21) has finally been able to say this is: “Just what we said would happen if people voted for Brexit.”

Surely he must just mean the remoaners?

You should not believe all you read or hear in the media – the media can be biased.

Why would any UK government want to reduce the health and safety standards already in operation here as well as food safety standards?

We probably introduced a number of the sensible ones into Europe.

Do you think we are going to disband all the inspection departments we have for the above topics?

Many industries have union involvement.

Surely they would not let their members’ health and safety to be diminished without a fight?

The important thing to remember here is that if the government of the UK did reduce standards they can be voted out at the next general election.

The new government can then reinstate the previous standards.

I’m sure victims will still have the right to claim compensation if an accident happens as a result of an employer’s negligence.

Employers will be wary of this.

So come on Martin, start thinking positively about the UK taking back control after Brexit.

It might even mean the UK getting a better deal.

At the moment our European ‘friends’ are trying to dictate the terms we will leave on.

Mike Taylor, Darlingon