THERE are the moments when life is cast aside. In war and famine, the tragedies which snatch the very essence of life.

Life should be treasured, it is a gift and yet so many of us take life for granted.

I think of those who aspire success or maybe just a chance to have life.

The children who inspire life and lives that cling to that hope should be cherished.

Seeing images of children at Christmas can make all of the difference.

Their energy can be overwhelming in the excitement it generates, the inquiring minds and for some children the questions that can’t be answered.

Circumstances that they can’t understand or find difficult to accept. A child clinging to the threads of survival.

Amidst the questions there is the magic and mystery found in the Nativity which draws upon the emotions of Christmas.

The imminent birth of Jesus, but in that celebration the reminder of the uncertainty and danger.

There were the risks and finding a place for Mary to have her baby, the son of God proved challenging The Saviour of the World born in adversity. A gift of life is contained in birth, but often the thirst for opportunity will rest in the faith and the hope.

Bernie Walsh, Coxhoe