ONE local authority in my area has announced it is going to reduce the council tax bills and increase the payments for foster carers in their area, but when are we going to read an announcement from all local authorities that such measures will be given to all those families who for whatever reason, take into their homes their grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc. rather than allow them to go into care?

I know for a fact that there are hundreds of such families in our own area and unlike foster carers whose payments for each child start at over £250 a week and who can get extra help to pay for new beds, bedding prams etc. these families receive no payments at all.

I know of a foster carer who was even given extra financial help to buy a bigger car!

On the other hand, I know of an 80 year old who took in his baby great granddaughter rather than allow her to go into care and he struggles financially.

I know of families where grandad had retired but had to go back out to work in order to provide for his grandchildren who had to move in with him.

These people must save local authorities thousands a day - never mind a week!

Let’s get this priority sorted now please, rather than later.

A child will fare much better being brought up by family members surely!

Councillor Joan McTigue, Middlesbrough