IN the early age of the human race, man invented the wheel in order to make transportation easier. Since then, the industrial revolution has taken place, and medical treatments have been discovered.

These things have improved the lives of everyone.

We have created the NHS to treat those who are ill, and a welfare state to help those who are prevented from working.

I needed such help after I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago this month.

Under the current Conservative government, a frighteningly large number of people who cannot manage without that help are being denied it.

This is causing people to have no food to eat for days and to rely on food banks. People – some with children – are becoming homeless when they lose the income they need to pay rent, and there are longer waiting times to see a doctor or receive medical treatment.

I witnessed a man being ejected from a fast food restaurant after he walked in and tried to snatch someone’s meal.

It is said that the Government isn’t listening. However I believe it is listening, and its answer is “no”.

The Government appears intent on allowing the problems which it has created to continue. After all, a person who dies of starvation, or dies of hyperthermia while sleeping rough, is one less person who will claim benefits.

Over Christmas I wonder if the James Bond film Moonraker will be shown. In it the villain Drax wants the human race to be left with perfect specimens only, and the rest can die. I see a comparison with the Government.

In my village I am a member of the parish council, and a few other organisations.

I do this to bring good things to all the people of our community. It is so soul destroying to see the Government in contrast bringing misery to some in our community.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley