DENUNCIATIONS, death threats, deselection, and the right wing press fulminating. After you have stifled a yawn, you would have thought it was par for the course.

Looking a little closer, to your horror you find it isn’t those Trotskyites who are being targeted, those destroyers of democracy and the social fabric as we know it – Momentum – but instead it is a few Tory MPs who have dared to defy the party line.

At this point, possibly words like pot, kettle, black, glasshouses and stones come to mind.

Isn’t it marvellous how hypocrisy can be forgotten so quickly when the occasion demands.

I can see all those MPs on parade in front of their constituency associations very shortly. Buttons, epaulettes stripped off, swords broken and then drummed out.

Cast ignominiously into the wilderness. My heart bleeds.

Martin McClelland, Marske-by-Sea