FURTHER to the article ‘May wields axe in wake of defeat on Brexit bill (Echo, Dec 14).

Many political neutrals may feel that the Prime Minister is always between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Brexit.

Theresa May appears to take one step forward and is dragged two steps back by her own party rebels.

Listening to Tory rebels shouting out “too late” as apparent last minute concessions were offered to stave off the amendment vote smacked of political naivety.

The 11 Tory rebels may believe the narrow win of 309 votes to 305 only reinforces parliamentary sovereignty.

This could have some validity but others could see it as kicking the Brexit can down the road closer to the long grass.

However, some Brexiteers are playing this Brexit vote down as a minor setback.

Plus some Remainers are taunting Brexiteers by saying ‘you wanted parliamentary sovereignty and the amendment vote does just that’.

Did the rebels also get hoodwinked by the Churchillian reference about putting country before party?

Hence only a complete government climb-down would have appeased the rebels.

George Dunning, Ormesby