AN outline application for residential development (up to a maximum of 100 dwellings), including access, with all other matters reserved on land at Holme Farm, Toft Hill was opposed by the vast majority of residents of Toft Hill.

Etherley Parish Council objected to the application.

On September 21 Durham County Council refused consent. The local planning authority considered that the adverse impacts on the development in terms of the proposal’s poor access to services and facilities resulting in reliance upon private car movements and the adverse landscape impacts are such that they would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits. The applicant has appealed and has requested that the appeal be dealt with by the written representations procedures.

The appeal start date was December 6.

The impact of this plan will be felt by home owners who have worked hard to get to where they are now. Some residents who have recently moved to the area just recently invested all their earnings and bought their first homes.

It was a unanimous decision by Durham County Council and one that shouldn’t be overturned.

I hope the residents of Toft Hill will once again fight the appeal and rightly so.

Residents should oppose the appeal by the applicant and if the applicant doesn’t like it, ‘tough’.

Alistair Rutter, Woodland