I WANT to reassure John Aspinall (HAS, November 8) about the sustainability of using compressed wood pellets (biomass) instead of coal at Drax power station in North Yorkshire where we produce 17 per cent of the UK’s renewable electricity which is enough for four million households.

Our biomass-fuelled generating units deliver carbon savings of 80 per cent compared to when they used coal.

This is an independently audited figure, which takes account of our entire supply chain including transportation of the sustainable biomass we use, most of which is sourced from North America.

The biomass we use is shipped to ports in the North of England (including Port of Tyne) and delivered to Drax by rail. Analysis suggests rail freight produces 76 per cent lower CO2 emissions than the equivalent HGV journey.

Drax Group contributed almost £1.7 billion towards UK GDP in 2016 and supported over 18,500 jobs across the country – 760 in the North- East.

Biomass provides flexible, reliable renewable power, helping to keep the lights on and the costs down.

Drax is playing a leading role in helping to change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future.

Andy Koss, CEO, Drax Power, Selby, North Yorkshire