I WAS highly amused by Ben Ord’s letter (HAS, Oct 2), enquiring whether Jeremy Corbyn remembers 2008, then proving that he himself didn’t remember it at all.

Mr Ord claims that the Tory/Lib Dem coalition had to take unpopular measures to turn our economy around. Does he not know that the coalition left us with almost double the national debt that it inherited in 2010 when its five years in government ended?

George Osborne promised “we’re all in this together” while giving all of his wealthy mates a tax break of up to £50,000 a year. His measures were never unpopular with the rich. And he failed spectacularly.

The trouble with Tories is that they think we’re all as stupid as they are, and that we will always blindly swallow their lies – don’t get me started on the current PM’s list of untruths!

Will they ever work it out that we’ve sussed them?

Alan Price, Gateshead