LAST week I had a peculiar experience, which readers may find interesting, if not exactly entertaining.

I had gone into the back kitchen to get something when I heard water sloshing about in the adjacent toilet.

Going in to investigate I saw the cause: a very large rat was jumping about in the lavatory basin, having obviously swum up from the sewer.

I promptly slammed the lid down, flushed and then put half a brick on top.

Subsequent checks have revealed no trace of the rat, which has presumably returned to its normal venue in the sewer.

The moral? Always keep your toilet lid down, when not in use, especially if your toilet is downstairs like mine, and for double security, put a heavy weight on top.

Obviously the incident was a very rare one, about as likely as a big lottery win.

However, very unlikely things sometimes happen, and simple precautions are well worth taking.

I reported the incident at the Civic Centre, in Crook, but was advised that pest control could do nothing and even if that were not the case would charge £40 for coming out.

Tony Kelly, Crook