RE your story headed "Danger dog shot dead after hunt" (Echo, June 9), Why? It seems that humanity's answer to a problem is "kill, kill, kill".

The animal, not much more than a puppy, had been on the loose for several days and must have been hungry and frightened. Did nobody make any attempt to gain the trust of the dog by giving it some food and water rather than corner it? No, they did not. It was a case of get out your gun and shoot it.

Who can forget the mass slaughter by the Government at the behest of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) at the last outbreak of foot-and-mouth when even very young lambs were led to their death and burial.

Now the Government is proposing to have a cull of badgers. I have no doubt the NFU is one of those pressing for the cull. On past results it would not be surprising if the Government slaughtered every badger in sight so that we should not have the pleasure of seeing the badger cubs at play.

The cull of badgers is not necessary and I urge ever reader to write to their MP protesting at the proposed cull.

John W Antill, Darlington.