AS we strive to save our jobs on Teesside we need action from our representatives at the highest level to intercede and turn this juggernaut around.

It is not inevitable that the works are to close but it needs more than the gesture politics we are getting from our elected MPs.

It is all very well to go on TV and say a few words about your dismay but this has been unfolding for months for those interested in listening.

Sadly they have not been listening. Our MPs were more concerned with their retaining a seat at the General Election.

What have they been doing since they were elected to address this situation? Simple answer nothing.

They bang on your doors and pledged their undying desire to serve the people of this area and have been found sadly lacking.

We need to put their ineffectiveness behind use and work to save these jobs and the well-being of the area.

The government can quickly find money for refugees, bankers and the EU so why not our own citizens in time of need?

The other cost is any clean up after closure which will again fall on the tax payer. So spend the money now on jobs rather than benefits to follow and the depression unemployment brings.

Do all you can to petition and demand that the Government and local MPs know what effect a failure of SSI will have on this area and their chances of getting re-elected next time.

They might then get something done.

Christopher Gallacher, via Facebook

I WAS saddened to hear the bad news that SSI are to mothball the Redcar blast furnace.

Dari Taylor, the former chairman of the North-East Region Parliamentary Select Committee, is correct to criticise all governments. The Teesside steel crisis has been a significant problem for many months since SSI struggled to pay a £19 million council rate bill.

The Government should have been more proactive and now it needs to step in immediately to protect plant kit.

If not, the plant will be unrecoverable in a short period of time.

George Dunning, Former leader of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and steel worker 1965-2001

WHEN will The Northern Echo and everyone else realise we and our steel works have been sold down the river?

The German, French and Italian governments supported their steel industries.

But our steel works have been pillaged by various foreign owners.

And now the Government want the Chinese to come and invest in this little island.

Meanwhile those thrown out of work or losing their businesses through the actions of Thai-owned SSI are left to beg, borrow or steel (pun intended).

John Cumberland, Rushyford.

SO sorry to hear the closing of your steel plant, another community devastated with no help from this evil Tory government.

Brian Lewis via Facebook

DISGUSTED. Bankers get bailed out, millions in aid is given to refugees and the like but when it comes to helping hard working people what do we get? Not a whisper and not a mention.

I think it’s disgraceful that the Government could not intervene and help.

Andrew Welsh, via Facebook

WE can send money for kids' football training in China and billions to India - but not a penny to help our own.

Someone's got it vastly wrong somewhere.

Heather Peacock, via Facebook

GUTTED for Teesside and all the families affected by this decision.

Nicola Place THE closure is such a shame for everyone concerned.

It affects a lot of people outside of the steel plant and it is going to be felt far and wide on Teesside.

I hope things take a turn for the better - fingers crossed.

Kevin Dismore via Facebook

SOLIDARITY and greetings from Save Our Steel Port Kembla, in Australia.

Your struggle is our struggle.

Arthur Rorris, Secretary South Coast Labour Council and Wayne Phillips Secretary Australian Workers Union, Port Kembla Branch

I LIKE the fact that Middlesbrough FC are showing support but, and it's s big but, I can't see how they can build a stadium with German steel then show support now.

It’s too late in my eyes.

Boro should have supported the steel works and people that work in this industry from day one and got its stadium from two miles up the road.

A lot of Boro’s supporters have followed the team in good and bad times.

Boro’s supporters are loyal and I take my hat off to them.

Richard Hogg, via Facebook