TONY KELLY wrote about culling feral cats and grey squirrels (HAS, Sept 8).

Let’s be straight Mr Kelly, culling means killing – taking innocent lives.

Feral cat colonies were caused in the first place by humans abandoning cats to fend for themselves.

I’m sure they would far rather be someone’s pet, sitting by a cosy fireside than scavenging for food and constantly breeding. Killing feral cats is not a solution because while humans are so irresponsible, others will only take their place.

As for grey squirrels, who brought them here? Yes humans, the very ones who kill, whether directly or indirectly, more birds and animals than cats or squirrels ever could.

Why should innocent creatures die just because you say so Mr Kelly? They have as much right on this planet as you do.

Maybe it would be a better place if those who think they are superior to other species were “culled” and left the rest of us who appreciate this earth and all who live upon it in peace to enjoy doing just that.

Ruth Laycock, Shildon