HAS anyone felt that they have been bullied at any North-East colleges over the years if they are a disabled student or a worker?

Has anyone been invited to the Disability Equality Policy meetings, originally known as Disabled Equality Scheme, as a disabled student representative to input any ideas?

Has any student with physical or learning difficulties had trouble with their support workers past or present?

Does any disabled student with physical/learning difficulties feel that they are not represented fairly and denied the same complaint procedures as the able-bodied?

Has any disabled person been stopped from doing a specific course that they want to do at any North- East colleges?

Does any disabled student or carer of the student feel that the Disability Act is inadequate? Please let me know as this is vital to the information that I am gathering about the Act.

Please reply to antidisabledbullying@yahoo.co.uk.

All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Disabled Student, name and address supplied.