THE time has come for Dave Penney to be relieved of his duties as manager of Darlington Football Club.

He took over last October with Darlo in tenth place, and was set a target of finishing in the play-offs at least. Now 26 games and only ten wins later, we lie 12th with any hopes of promotion all but gone.

His style of football is dull, lacking invention and confusing.

Why play high balls to 5ft 7ins Julian Joachim? Why depend so heavily on loan players, then bemoan their return to their clubs?

The board should now admit it made a mistake in not giving the job to fans' choice Brian Little and rectify the situation now.

If not, next year they may have some difficulty selling season tickets for more of the same from Mr Penney. Whatever does happen I will still be renewing my ticket.

Darlo till I die.

Dave Jones, Darlington.