DESPITE claims by other places, Welbury, between Northallerton and Darlington, has already established itself as a leading centre for welly wanging at the Duke of Wellington pub. Where else?

Last year, we upheld Yorkshire’s honour by narrowly defeating Wellington in Somerset in an exciting finish. This year’s challenge will take place on the afernoon of Saturday, September 25, and we may need your readers’ help.

Welly wanging is a sport of throwing a wellington boot as far as possible. World records under Welbury Rules (a standing throw with no run-up) can be seen at We keep world records in all age and gender categories and are keen to encourage your readers to break them.

On September 25, there will be prizes for best performances at the Duke of Wellington in Welbury. Entry is free to allcomers, but it will be helpful to know of likely entries in advance. A handicap system gives women ten metres start on men and age allowances apply, so that everyone from kids to pensioners can compete.

Advance attempts can also be arranged during the week.

The big challenge with Somerset will pit their best man and woman against ours in a final head-to-head, the women having ten metres start, with no age allowances.

Readers may call me on 01609 882501 for further details.

Mike O’Carroll, Welbury