I READ with interest the letter from Mike Padgham on the subject of care homes and the fact that successive governments and local authorities have failed to properly fund social care (HAS, Apr 29).

I found his comments particularly poignant in this week of local elections when candidates are seeking reelection In January 2010, Labourcontrolled Durham County Council decided to close Shafto House care home, in Newton Aycliffe, and six other old folks’ homes.

This was before the Coalition came to power, so county councillors cannot blame the Government this time.

Evidently, the most vulnerable people in our society are not important.

I will always be grateful to those councillors who voted against the closures back in 2010.

In my view, they showed true compassion for the elderly people who relied on them to speak on their behalf.

A Dryden, Newton Aycliffe.