I WAS appalled by the latest offhand swipe at the state education system made by Sharon Griffiths in her column (Echo, Apr 26).

Not for the first time I feel moved to register my disbelief that the work done by so many dedicated teachers could be swept aside by such a poorly thought-through piece of journalism designed to pander to readers who may be easily swayed.

I would ask Ms Griffiths to consider the four hours plus that are spent in organised lessons and school assemblies in primary schools and the five hours plus in secondary schools.

While an extra half hour devoted to “waking children up and re-energising them for the afternoon” may be a laudable plan, how would the scheme be funded? Are class teachers not to be allowed a lunch break so as to be “awakened and re-energised for the afternoon”; The “posh lot” at schools, such as Barnard Castle, did indeed open for lessons each Saturday morning but only to replace lesson time not used during the Wednesday afternoon which was devoted to sporting fixtures.

I do wonder if Ms Griffiths has spent any time in a school since her sons passed through the education system.

Perhaps a careful look at what goes on in a school in 2013 would show her how things have changed. Who knows, perhaps she would be enthused enough to become the person leading the session to wake up and reenergise pupils.

Ian Wilson, Stokesley.