I RECENTLY left the Forces after 19 years and numerous tours.

During that time I carried out many tasks, including fitness. I decided to re-train and become a personal trainer and nutritional advisor.

Having just moved back to the North-East I am amazed at the awful standards of health of people in general, especially the kids.

The North-East is the second most obese area in Europe, diabetes levels in County Durham are 7.4 per cent and expected to worsen to nine per cent by 2030 and that the obesity level for five-year-olds is 9.9 per cent which is the third highest in UK behind london and Birmingham.

We all need to do our part to educate people that diabetes and being overweight leads to worsening health and inability to work and extra pressure on the NHS.

However it’s not all bad news as there are a lot of real passionate people who want to improve the health of the North- East.

I think The Northern Echo could help in the fight by adding a fitness blog or editorial on each issue therefore spreading tips and advice about dragging the North-East out of this fitness black hole.

Glenn Hill, Hartlepool.