I READ with interest the article about tests that had found horse DNA in supermarket beef burgers (Echo, Dec 16).

While I think it is unacceptable that standards have dropped, allowing the mixing of meat products, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t someone making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill given some of the minuscule amounts involved.

What the authorities really should be investigating is the barbaric way in which most animals are ritually slaughtered the length and breadth of our country without a bat of an RSPCA, animal welfare or Government eyelid.

I dare any readers to Google or YouTube the term halal and deny this treatment of animals isn’t cruel after watching a video demonstration.

This type of medieval slaughter has no place in modern day Britain and the sooner it is banned the better.

The vast majority of the public have no idea about ritual slaughter and I am sure that if they were given the bare facts there would be a huge outcry.

It would certainly make the horse meat beef burgers story pale into insignificance.

Adam Walker, Spennymoor.