THE NCIS team investigate the murder of a petty officer who may have been selling secrets to a foreign power. But it’s what happens to Jethro that proves to be the most intriguing development.

He visits his favourite diner, takes a stool at the counter and addresses the waitress by name.

At that moment, a mysterious gunman steps forward and fires, but the bullet never reaches Gibbs. Instead, a flash of light occurs and his mentor, the late Mike Franks, appears and flicks it away.

Jethro then sees a younger version of himself walking towards his lost love Joan Matteson; various other faces from his past are also there, including ex-NCIS director Shephard and Ziva’s dead brother Ari.

Suddenly, Gibbs has visions of what might have been if he and the team had taken different decisions. What on earth is going on?