NOT only does the former Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi have a wealth of experience when it comes to customer service, she also knows the pressures that come from working with relatives.

All that was put to good use last year when she helped assorted businesses.

In the catch-up show Alex Polizzi – The Fixer Returns, she heads back to old haunts covered in February last year, and sees how the formerly floundering businesses are coping.

First stop is Cornwall’s Chough Bakery.

Its owners were scuppered by constant arguments and recriminations, so hopefully they have managed to clear the air and get on with making money rather than war.

Then it’s off to Yeadon, West Yorkshire, and the furniture shop Kettley’s. It has been run by the Butler and Collop families for 32 years, but because it was dated, customers had gone elsewhere. A major revamp of the showroom left owner John rather uneasy, but how does he feel about things now?