It's not easy being an editor. Sometimes you end up doing the strangest of things.

Like this morning for example, when I had to perform a Beatles hit in front of workmen in our kitchen.

You see, we're having a new kitchen fitted over the next couple of weeks. The house looks like a bomb's gone off and there are workmen - electricians, plasterers and joiners - trooping in and out in their big boots.

After a while, you get used to it and forget they're there - and that can be dangerous.

This morning, as I do every morning, I had to go on radio to play what's called the Headline Challenge. We pick a story from that day's paper, come up with a funny headline, and the BBC Tees listeners have to try to beat it.

The story for this morning's challenge was about the discovery of rare footage of The Beatles going into a chip shop while they were filming The Magical Mystery Tour.

Our headline was Can't Fry Me Love (an extra point is awarded for song titles) and the judge - producer Kerry Aitken - is more inclined to lean in your favour if you sing.

When BBC Tees phoned this morning, I took the call in the kitchen and promptly launched into a hearty rendition of Can't fry me love, Everybody tells me so, Can't fry me love, No, no, no, no!

In hindsight, maybe I should have warned the workmen about what I was about to do and that it's just something I do as part of my job.

I'm not sure what they thought - that I was plastered, probably.