Have you ever wondered how the news gets out there? Do you imagine glamorous, slick operations in newsrooms, with journalists calmly poised over their computers, in total control of their actions?

If so, you should have seen the carry-on surrounding this morning's announcement about the new Bishop of Durham, The Right Reverend Paul  Butler.

We had been promised - faithfully - that Justin Welby's long-awaited successor would be announced by 10 Downing Street at 7.30am. We were all geared up for it. We told our readers, in the paper and on-line, that the news would break on our website at 7.30am.

We had a big headline at the top of the site, saying: "Who'll be the new Bishop of Durham? Find out here at 7.30am."

One of our news editors, Matt Westcott, was ready to upload the story from home. He had everything he needed: background information on the main contenders, pictures, and contacts for reaction.

I woke up at 7.30am, expecting to see the news on the website, but there was a text message from Matt explaining there was still no sign of the announcement. The minutes ticked by. It got to 8am - still nothing.

I was moved to tweet: "This is like a really dull game of chess - waiting ages for someone to move the bishop."

At 8.15am, my frustration had made me a bit juvenile: "Why are we waiting. why-y-y-y are we waiting?" I tweeted. Then "Has David Cameron slept in?"

At 8.30am, with still no news from sleepy Number 10, our man Matt rang me to say he had to go on the school run. He'd done the packed lunches and ironed a couple of school shirts in between checking his emails, but was late setting off. His wife, who'd already gone off to work, would kill him. He was really sorry but God had to play second fiddle to his kids.

The announcement finally came through at 8.45am. It was a surprise choice - the Right Revd Paul Butler - not one of those we'd prepared for.

By then, Matt had already delivered two children to primary school and was sitting in his car outside a nursery in Middlesbrough, having delivered child number three. He was sweating profusely, fighting off a guilt complex about rushing his goodbyes, and desperately trying to get a 3G connection on his iPad.

Thankfully, he managed to upload the news, together with pictures, on www.northernecho.co.uk by 8.49am. What a pro!

Let's just say little Ethan Westcott, not yet two, was bundled a little unceremoniously through the nursery school door with a cursory pat on the head, wearing odd socks and a nappy on backwards.

He's young - he'll get over it.