I LIKE clever things and the Burner Brake is just that.

Whereas a normal rear light shines at the same intensity throughout your journey, this little gem can work out when you are slowing down and intensify its output accordingly.

Obviously, it's difficult to gauge the success of it or other in normal conditions so I asked my other half to follow me down the road in her car and can attest to its worth.

In the dark, it can be hard to judge the distance of a bike even when you are aware of it in front of you. While I would always slow down beforehand in any case, this extra function means that you can detect the intention of the rider.

In addition to its brake function, the 200-lumen Burner Brake is also waterproof, features a day flash mode and is USB chargeable. It's eminently portable for when you need to take it off and clings firmly to your seat post when you don't. It's also robust enough to withstand a fair degree of abuse.

As far as I am concerned, anything that adds to the armoury as a rider is worth having and while £40 on a light might be out of reach of some people you can't put a price on your safety.