WANT to go out on your bike but need to stop somewhere and are keen to make sure it's still there when you get back?

In that case you need a lock.

However, the majority can be cumbersome and heavy and not really practical for carrying around.

Hiplok thinks it may have the answer.

Billed as the first wearable keyless lock, this sturdy theft prevention device does what it says on the tin. It locks around your hips.

Weighing in at 800gms, it is easily secured for when you are riding and detaches simply when you need to lock up your pride and joy. All that entails is for the owner to come up with a four-digit combination. Want to change it? That's easily done.

While perhaps not suited to a road bike, when weight is of the essence, I found it a useful addition while using my hybrid. For safety reasons, the device is never locked while being worn, but features sophisticated locking technology when needed.

Available in a choice of colours – hi-vis neon yellow, or all black – it fits waists from 26ins to 44ins.

The Spin has a 6mm hardened steel chain within its durable sleeve and is 75cm in length meaning you shouldn't encounter any problems when finding somewhere decent to secure it to.

At £34.99, I found this a value for money product, which should stand the test of time.