THE situation in the Middle East is desperately hard and, more than anything, requires calm heads, yet Britain has a Home Secretary who is blundering around with bovine grace, making incendiary comments.

Yes, a pro-Palestinian rally on Armistice Day is inappropriate, although the protestors may with some validity claim that the situation in Gaza is so appalling because civilians are being killed on a daily basis that their calls for a ceasefire cannot wait for a more appropriate weekend.

With tensions rising, careful language is required, yet Suella Braverman talks of “hate marches”, makes comparisons between Irish Unionists and Hamas terrorists, and alleges that the London police “play favourites” rather than act with an even hand.

She, of course, has ultimate control of the police so, if she really believes that they act without integrity, she should act like a proper Home Secretary and do something about it, rather than writing articles designed to create a right-wing base of support.

She wants the rally banned, but the police say there is no legal justification to do so – if Britain is a democracy, protests cannot be shut down just because they offend the sensibilities of a politician.

If her article was released without the Prime Minister’s approval, it is hard to see how she can keep her job – she’s undermined his authority just like she’s undermined the police.

Britain’s Home Secretary is inflaming the situation and widening the divides. Contrast that with the Americans’ constructive approach which has led to “four-hour military pauses” being introduced each day.