A READER has written to us with the view that Labour leader Kier Starmer should be investigated amid the 'beer-gate' allegations.

IN an office, alcoholic drinks to be seen, people close together and food brought in.

This is Mr ‘hindsight’ Starmer, Labour’s so-called opposition leader’s factual description of a party and used in the witch hunt to get the Met police to do a full investigation into No 10.

What is the difference between this and the goings on in Durham constituency office?

I have always believed nothing, and most impartial media outlets now seem to think the same.

When this was brought to our attention, in your paper, we were told that it did not break rules and it now seems that it was Mr Starmer himself that said this, not the police.

When our Labour-run Durham police decided to look into the allegation in your paper, they said they had quick look at the video and decided no regulations had been broken, it was not stated if they had spoken to any one at the “party”.

I think the police thought that was enough and it would just go away.

We have now been informed that lies were told by Mr Starmer about who was at this, according Labour’s description, “party”.

The Durham police have said they have no intention of doing any more investigation into this.

With all not adding up as it seems, surely our Durham Labour PCC, who holds the Chief Constable to task, must put her political views to one side, use some impartiality and let’s have a proper full investigation into the incident.

If she believes her political views are a problem then get someone from outside to do it.

Also, our council police and crime panel that holds the PCC to account to also get involved.

I’m of the opinion that quite a lot of people will start to look at ties between a Labour-run police force and an incident with a Labour leader and other Labour members.

Surely the credibility of the Durham police force Chief Constable and PCC must be shown to be true. This may be taken into consideration in elections this week as Labour’s only front is the same as this. Look at other parties, see how many Labour councillors have turned to Independents to gain free speech, look at the man, not the political party, also look at the positive things the government has done. Most voted for by Mr Starmer, do not be drawn away from it by the witch hunt.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.

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