A READER has got in touch after driving to Ukraine to help the humanitarian effort, and urges the Government to make it easier for Britons to take in refugees.

A FRIEND and I recently returned from a humanitarian mission to the Ukrainian border, where we were moved by both the scale of the crisis afflicting so many innocent people, and by the amount of support they were receiving from volunteers – including those assisting refugees in navigating UK visa applications.

In registering their interest with the Homes for Ukraine scheme, the British people have demonstrated their eagerness to help but to date, so few have been able to navigate the process and help those who really need it.

That’s why I’ve written to the Home Office’s immigration minister, calling on him to harness this ‘people power’ to clear the red tape.

In the same way that the British people rose to the challenge of supporting our NHS during the pandemic and vaccination programme, they are ready and willing to step up now, both by welcoming Ukrainians and facilitating their speedy arrival.

John McCullagh, Great Smeaton, Northallerton.